Friday, June 26, 2015

Better This Way...

Every now and then I enjoy a Maple Coffee Dessert...start with a splash of whole milk, then a swirl of maple syrup. Fill with hot coffee. Yum-m-m-m:)

Better this way; that we cannot turn back to Yesterday
Or weigh wanton embrace with what will never be again
Or rush ahead to claim what may not ever come to pass
Better this way; to fully taste the moment in our glass

Better to dwell on what is; not what was or else might be
Better to love with what we have while we have it; for we
Cannot adjust the Must, but only trust that if God wills
We do not miss the moment-kiss that from His mercy spills

Better this way; life’s come-what-may will be here soon enough
While what we hold will softly fold into the ache of love
But Now, the opportunity to experience Today
In all its wondrous fullness; yes, it’s better this way

© Janet Martin 

While I cannot help but immerse myself in a bit of nostalgia as I listen to these grade-school girls(see previous post) laughing and chattering, and knowing that this stage is CLOSED(most of these girls are parting ways and going to different schools and with Victoria being the youngest, this is our last school-party)...Jim calls to tell me its going to be very windy and rainy on Sunday. It is our turn to host the annual BBQ for his mom and siblings and their families. Suddenly I jolt to the moment and remind myself to focus on Today...don't soak in the Past, don't worry about tomorrow 'for sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof' but pay attention to Now...

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