Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Teaching Tools

 The sun just broke through the tumbled cloud blue!
 (and the internet returned after an extra-long hiatus:)

Lord, teach us faith, so we may trust
And kiss the rod that tempers us
Where we, foot-shod must walk until
We fly above this mortal swill
Then God will strip our dust-frames bare
For we will need no armor there

Lord, teach us hope, highlight life's woes
With grace from whence all mercy flows
To clay, the harbor of the soul
Then, lest comfort be god or goal
Lord, rouse in us a passion higher
Than the flame of shame’s bonfire

Lord, teach us love so we may be
In every step-by-step, like Thee
For hate can never usurp love 
Or be greater than God above
For God is love, Supreme Decree
That broke sin's curse and set us free

Lord, teach us faith and hope and love
This string that weaves time’s stinging glove
Will soon disintegrate; its reach
Like waves dissolving on a beach
When dust, blood-brimming falls to naught
And faith becomes the sight we sought

© Janet Martin

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