Thursday, June 25, 2015

Of Moments At Large

 It's Wikem day...perhaps the last official one for a while but who doesn't use wikipedia on a regular basis?;-)

'Time has long been a major subject of study'  Wikipedia.  

(anyone who reads this blog knows that I constantly try to capture its fullness, but cannot)

From Kindergarten 

to Grade 8 in a blink... 

Sasha's topic fits in well with the season, but then Time is always in season!

Its longing dismembers our best intention
Its friendships forgive vexing voids that gape
And bleed through our bearing; its intervention
Is sure and pure without substance or shape

Here it is, there it was, here come new pages
We cannot rein in its invisible tide
Poured in moments that meld to the ages
Sealed in thought-cages somewhere deep inside

Darling, the newness of morning amazes
Soon the sun blazes and melts it away
Vortex of triumph and loss interlaces
In faraway places of Yesterday

Once we were new to the way of its graces
Vowing we would not submit to its charge
Like our forefathers, but soon our faces
Wear fool-proof kisses of moments at large

© Janet Martin

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  1. What a beautiful girl! Lovely pictures.

    As always, thank you for sharing your talents, Janet. Love your time poem.


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