Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This Ladder That We Climb

This ladder that we climb reaches through stars, though fixed on sod
Bound by the grip of time we climb the height of it to God
And all the recollections that we weave then leave behind
Are but the dust of living in life’s taking-giving grind

This ladder that we climb through hope and heartache’s wondering
Seems horizontal in its vertical-cast hungering
Its forward, upward rise and falling valley-deep incline
Tests mortal boast where time plays host to more than clock-design

This ladder that we climb through bluebell chime and russet sheaf
Is more than mime of tick-tock rhyme where faith and unbelief
Battle within the human-breast like storms upon a sea
Because we know we cannot barter with eternity

Then we should give more earnest heed to all that we have heard
This bleeding angst of want and need cannot be undeterred
But eases us upward toward the pinnacle of time
Where God waits at the zenith of this ladder that we climb

© Janet Martin

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