Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rainy Summer's Eve

 I wrote this last night but couldn't post it because of internet issues...so we'll begin with a rainy-dusk morning poem:) We had a gorgeous sunny day, then after supper the rain began falling, not the hard, pelting sort but the soft kind that pitter-patters in patient chatter...

Earth tugs on dusk's brooding hemline
Heaven’s nightlight tapestry
Hides behind the lowered anthem
Of a rainy summer’s eve

See how soft its loft unleashes
Like a lilting minuet
Silver symphony of splashes
In each raindrop pirouette

Slipping, dripping, half-breath halos
Every little leaf a cup
Every lily is a chalice
That a song of rain fills up

Twilight is a velvet river
Liquid glass-notes skim and swirl
Where a world of satin-slippered
Laughing ballerinas twirl

© Janet Martin

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