Monday, June 22, 2015

Ah, Summer

We celebrated Father's Day and the first day of summer at the Toronto Bluejay's game. It was a fun game to watch...lots of hits and runs!

Blue Jays
Summer rolls out her green carpet
For Guests at an informal ball
Sprawled beneath a blue umbrella
Topping earth’s bloom-and-belle hall

Summer uncurls yellow laughter
Anticipation is a girl
Giggling her way through each chapter
Where bloom-and-belle hellos unfurl

Summer becomes her; the ribbons
Of breeze through tree-tops waft noon-soft
Teasing hours and flowers grinning
With bloom-belles that once snowflakes quaffed

Summer, earth’s reply to winter
Summer, earth’s song to the soul
Summer, the dreamer’s forever
Summer, a love-letter world

© Janet Martin


  1. Not a lot of orange in the crowd, would have been different here, in "birdland" :-)

    We celebrated Father's Day playing catch in the backyard and getting stitches at the ER (a baseball bounced off my son's glove and cut his brow). He's doing fine, but it's a Father's Day to remember :-)

    1. Oh no!!I'm glad he's doing fine! those things do make memorable days though...
      I thought of you when we were watching the game...
      We saw a few chirpy orioles in the crowd and by the end of the game they had a lot to sing about:)

    2. We actually had a good time at the ER :-) by the time we got there (and we are just minutes away), though we knew that Danny would need stitches, we realized the cut wasn't too bad. It was not a busy day at the ER, we didn't see any scary stuff and didn't have to wait long. We shared a few stories, the doctor was wonderful, and Danny got a popsicle when it was all over!

      I love the last stanza of your poem, Janet.

    3. :) well, at least you didn't need to be there for hours and hours! (and a Popsicle to top it off)! here's to the rest of the summer hospital-free! It means so much to have a nice Dr. Some study so hard they forget to learn PR, it seems;)

      After this week I hope to taste some of what summer is known for, kicking back a little. Sometimes it's good to host a family reunion or other such event to motivate me to buckle down on my to-do list-s.


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