Saturday, April 18, 2015

While Watching the Stream Flow Forward...

 Tonight we were out to celebrate my sister-in-law's fortieth birthday...(remember when we thought 40 was old?!;-). My youngest sister remarked to me that she can't imagine one of her boys living far away(I mentioned that Melissa will likely stay in Toronto for the summer because she pays rent whether she is there or not) and I suddenly tasted the full flavor that time insists on seasoning our years with...letting go again and again.

Eventually it becomes a way of life
…this yielding to the forward flow
Of hold-let-go-I-miss-you-so
Where love’s long reach is raw and rife

…with memories when times like these
Were still fear and far, far away
Before the breadth of yesterday
Snared years breath-soft as midnight’s breeze

…and we remember how it was
When we were glad that we could speak
'I love you' close against the cheek
Of those we held and dearly loved

Knowing Time, bent on moment-strife
Opens and closes doors with haste
...we grow accustomed to the taste
That has become a way of life

© Janet Martin


  1. Dear Janet, such a lovely poem and reflections on time!
    Happy Birthday to your sister!


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