Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dare To Be Different

 Write a dare poem is PAD Challenge day 8
 This picture in The Bible In Pictures For Little Eyes, first read to us by our mom, is etched in my mind when I picture Daniel in the lions den...

It is tempting to conform,
When it is evident
No one really cares at all
If we dare to be different

If we dare to stand against
The popular masses
We will likely not obtain
Attention by its classes

But, to dare to be aware
Of mankind’s blind undoing
Will insist that we differ
In the points that we are viewing

‘Dare to be a Daniel’
My Mother said to me
Dare to be different and trust
In more than you can see

Then, if you dare to differ
Though no one will applaud
Your difference will save you if
The difference is God

© Janet Martin

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