Thursday, April 2, 2015

Of Rain-flavored Memories...

'It’s such a nice day', raved Victoria, when she came home from school,
while the gray wind drew zig-zags, then circles in the puddles…

It’s a nice, nice day
Somber sky, pewter gray
Tug and pull wind-
Rain soliloquy

It’s a home-sweet-home tune
Clink of tea-cup and spoon
Of rain-circle banter
On mid-afternoon

Piano dum-de-doo
And my, I love you
It’s sock-feet and laughter
And biscuits and stew

It’s a nice, nice day
Almost perfect, I’d say
April-rain rhapsody
Drip-dripping away

© Janet Martin


  1. Sounds like a perfect day ...
    I really enjoyed this poem and your photos!

    1. hi Margie:) and thank-you. Dayle at A Collection of days (link in sidebar) expresses my love for rain perfectly...'though we love the sunny days we crave a rainy day here and there to soothe the dry, cracked places'...

      Blessing to you on this Good Friday

  2. Oh I love this... I feel the joy plop-plop like the raindrops.

    Wonderful pics!



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