Monday, April 27, 2015

In Looking Back

PAD Challenge day 27:For today’s prompt, write a looking back poem. Of course, some people just glance over their shoulders, and others stop and turn all the way around. Some look back in time and weigh their successes and failures, evaluate things they could do better. Some claim they never look back. Whatever your stance on looking back, capture it in a poem today.
The Harvest-apple tree on the old home place.
How well I remember its petal-snow, before the dirt floor was covered in golden fruit, gathered up in our cotton-dress 'baskets' carried to the house for apple goodies, but mostly canned apple sauce.

In time we all took that slow slope leading
From childhood’s home, past the gnarled apple tree
Standing post in the sun-dappled garden
Like a sprawling, echo-laden sentry

We did not recognize the honeyed spoon
Stirring the air where a big, blue sky-drain
Sipped summer’s long willow-song afternoon
Like sweet tea steeped in life’s Never Again

Youth’s come-and-get-me call tugged at our dreams
We did not know then, what we did not know
Perception fairly bursting at the seams
With everything we thought life had to show

So, one by one, each sibling slid away
First, from mother’s kind, cotton-apron knee
To the floor, to the door to ‘I want more’
Than four-walled, clock-stalled nevermore-will-be

In looking back, I lack the words to tell
If time could reverse, where I first would reach
But one thing I now recognize full-well
My, what a lot of lessons life must teach

© Janet Martin

…and still is!


  1. I like this poem. Well said Janet. The apple tree in bloom is pretty and reminds me of a pink flowering crab that grew tall between our house and the neighbours. It was a gorgeous froth of pink from our second floor windows that we enjoyed each spring. Have a blessed week. PS - no apple blossoms here yet.

    1. :) no blossoms here yet either but that's good because they would freeze right now!
      this photo is one from girlhood, home-farm days...looking forward to warmth and blooms!


  2. That photo is incredible!! Would look great on a canvas:)
    Is that tree still there? and what year was this taken?


    1. I remembered the tree a lot bigger;-) The photo was taken in the mid-eighties.


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