Friday, April 3, 2015

Time Machine

I think it would have been nice to grow up in the '50's, said Victoria today, caught in the middle of dreaming about tomorrow...I reminded her that just because an era is known for something does not mean that everyone was a part of it or that is all life was...(she's too young to realize she's living in the middle of the dream:) God bless the dreamers.

PAD Challenge day 3: write a machine poem

It does not come to us
From yon Brigadoon’s glow
This Time Machine that we call life
Is ever here and now

And while we dream and haste
Toward its morrow-veil
Time’s Better Days may be but this
The Now that we inhale

How still its refills pour
From here to yesterday
Where Now is always just before
Tomorrow’s come-what-may

…and so we dare not pine
Lest at its shrine we miss
The Very Thing we waited for
When Yesterday was This

© Janet Martin


  1. I loved that old movie Brigadoon -- I don't know how many times I watched when I had a video machine. I don't know if it's available on DVD.

    Another thought-pressing poem.

    I've posted your "We All Matter" poem today on my blog. Thanks again for allowing me to share it with my readers.

    Happy Day...

    1. My youngest daughter and I love rooting through thrift stores in search of old books and movies. Brigadoon is on my list! Yesterday we found Singin' in the Rain and Mary Poppins:). Also a poem book from 1913.


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