Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wife's Suspicious Mind...

My dear, I believe I owe you
A sincere apology
Maybe I really don’t know you
And you expected nothing from me
When you left me a ‘love-note’ this morning
Then called me up at noon
To see how my day was going
Saying ‘honey, I’ll be home soon,
and oh, I forgot to tell you
that you still look like a teen to me
and you’re really hot in your new jeans’
H-m-m-m, what new jeans I ask me…
And maybe when you asked how I’m feeling
You were asking about my health
And when you helped me clean up the kitchen
You wanted nothing in return for yourself
And those flowers you brought home this evening
Are a most lovely center-piece
Thank-you for helping me clean up
I hate when the place is a mess
And when you asked me how I was feeling
Right then I was feeling all right
But suddenly I am dog-tired
And I have a head-ache tonight…

Janet Martin

...okay, I could not resist a little fun;)

To all of the guys who would love to court their wives with genuine chivalry,
without our suspicion or feminist attitude which has made it very difficult
for the dear gentle-men in our midst...I sincerely apologize

for today's prompt: Suspicious mind

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