Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Undoing...

When you kiss me like that
Oh, but kiss me like that
I feel the chill dissipate
When you hold me like that
Oh but hold me like that
I forget everything that I hate
Tempted and tried,
I will no longer fight you
My total undoing is infinite bliss
I came in here just to tease and to spite you
But you trumped my plan with your upside-down kiss...

Magpie tales


  1. Adorable. Quite different from any that I've yet come across.

  2. Thank-you Dave.
    If I write using a prompt I never allow myself to peek at any other poems until I have written or attempted, just in case I get deterred or distracted.

  3. smiles...what a beautiful love..the repeated lines feel like a sigh adding depth to made me smile big...

  4. Truly a wonderful ending, Janet.

  5. Thank-you to each of you...yes Cad, well laid plans....but you know what they say; a well-laid plan is but half the accomplishment:)

  6. I, too, never peek at others before I craft my own. That said...I love your last line. Well done!

  7. Upside? Downside? Kisses are great from any direction!

  8. Delightful, but I find upside down kisses a bit awkward. Makes me dribble.

  9. Jinksy, yes they are!

    ...and Keith, well, the unplanned ones are still the best;-)


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