Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In the Eye of the Beholder

It takes time to grow a tree

Into a thing of beauty

Beauty is a rare blossom in youth

But blooms rampantly in the aged

It takes both sun and rain

Dark and light

To create beauty

Attractiveness is often mistaken for beauty

Beauty sleeps in a bud

Unfolding in life’s storms

Into a glorious bloom

Beauty is found, not only in the art

But the artist

Beauty has nothing to do with flawless skin

Or a six-pack

Beauty is the divine interpretation of life

Beauty is a century-old smile

To be able to see beauty in ruins

One needs to be beautiful



  1. Janet, I like the distinction you made between 'attractiveness' and 'beauty.' SO very true.

  2. So many truths... really enjoyed this one :)

  3. This was wise and insightful. Thanks for posting it - Moskowitz

  4. Than-you Buddah, for visiting and for your thoughts.


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