Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Sweet Addiction

You wake me up each morning
Much to my delight
You know exactly what I need
And how to do it right
I’m still a little sleepy
Until I feel your touch
Your warmth flows into, through me
I love you, oh, so much
Maxwell, you’re a darling
I keep you in a can
And reach for you each morning
To kiss your face of tan
Your deep and robust passion
Arouses to the core
I know now I cannot
Live without you anymore
You'll never need to worry
No one can take your place
I sip you and inhale you
With a smile upon my face
Maxwell, you’re a darling
I love your coat of blue
And in the early morning
No one else will do
Maxwell, you’re a keeper
Perfection in a can
I wonder what would happen

Janet Martin


  1. Janet, I really love this poem! I feel the same way about coffee. Can't start my day without several cups of brew. And the ending made me smile! Following your blog though, I wonder if you also might share the addiction I wrote about. Take a look!

  2. That's a fun piece! Loved it!

    I really enjoy my cafe first thing in the morning -- although it's a not Maxwell.

    Of course if Maxwell were a man, he look an sound just like Ricardo Mountalban!

    Googled and found this link to a Maxwell commercial:


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