Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Praise

Come, let us join together
Our hands in solemn prayer
Autumn escapes its tether
As winter chills the air
The leaf is in its cradle
The harvest in its vault
Its time to come together
Our Maker to exalt

Granny is in her apron
Baby on Papa’s knee
The turkey’s in the oven
And foot-ball on TV
The Hand upon our shoulder
Provides for moment-needs
His love, in boundless portions
Resides in every seed

Come let us join together
In carols of fervent praise
The heartache of our labor
Is held within his gaze
Dinner is on the table
Snowflakes drift on the air
Come, let us join together
In humble, grateful prayer


In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October
p-s-s-s-t, but our hearts return to it with our American friends in November.
This is our dinner in progress a month ago...one of the girls took a picture:)
I did not have the permission from my table full of visitors to post their faces, hence, the cropping:(


  1. Lovely - and loved the pic. Reminds me of the iconic Normal Rockwell painting.

  2. Pop-o, thank-you...and when I think about it, it felt like that painting too:) Contentment perhaps?:)


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