Monday, November 28, 2011

Unshared Story

On the week-end when no one was looking
You were so nice to me
But back to school Monday, held things more important
Like popularity

We lived on the north side
And I assumed that was why
You gave yourself a license
To laugh; I tried not to cry

Age and time bestow maturity
We move past the resentment and pain
I saw you yesterday; and instantly
I knew that scars remain…


Today's Prompt: -----Story


  1. You have so poignantly written how unkindness can leave scars that last forever.

  2. Thank-you Susie, Scars really are life's ugliest souvenirs...

  3. Makes one wonder if our lives would change if we could look at ourselves through someone else’s eyes.

  4. ...without a doubt, and also, if we walked a mile in their shoes...those who seek to make others feel insecure are so insecure...this we realize, looking back.


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