Tuesday, November 22, 2011



I’ve been in love with them
Since Gilbert tormented Anne…

Wash, peel, chop, slice
Measure, feel, pour, dice
Soup or cake, its humble stance
Draws eyes and lips into its dance
Orange music, common sanity
Choreographed for you and me
Suiting large hands, or small
Color and harmony
Of the purest kind
A gentle ballet
For the eye and the mind
Carrots orange, joining turnips yellow
Savory, warm, this little fellow
Adds sparkle to a dish where
Potatoes, cabbage, peppers, beans
White, purple, reds, greens
Gather in a bowl
Nourishment for the body and soul
Supper time, rally the troops
M-m-m-m good, love served as vegetable soup


Today's prompt: a fruit or vegetable as the title...


  1. You have definitely explored many aspects of this humble vegetable! Nothing like the crunch of crisp carrots to take the edge off hunger, I find!

  2. well, I cheated a little...and added it to soup:)

    You're right. I love a fresh-from-the garden carrot, but store-bought is okay too.


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