Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Travel Poem-lets

Of all the places we chose to explore
Whether mountain or desert or sea
The most beautiful sight was a little front door
Where a wee girl stood waiting for me.

Discarding the distraction of things
The baggage of Time
The weight of grief
You gathered me in your arms
And we traveled to
Undisclosed destinations

With great anticipation
We make lists, pack,
Load up the van
Play the alphabet-letter game
Stop for fries
At the road-side stand
With great anticipation
We re-pack
Load up the van,
Play the alphabet game
Stop for fries at the road-side stand
And count the hours
Until we are home

The tail-lights strung an endless strand
Of ruby Christmas lights
As far as the eye could see
I guess if there’s beauty in a night traffic jam
This is what it would be…



  1. Only a poet sees beauty in a traffic jam's tail lights. Only a poet.

  2. :0 yes, when I noticed how pretty it looked I did not dare to share with the less enthused...but the road curved gently up a long slope and one could see for behind and red ahead...and in the distance the sobering reflection in the air of emergency-vehicle flashers...


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