Wednesday, November 30, 2011

By the Time You Read This...

By the time you read this
Midnight will have swept
Another day to the past
While morning is hovering
A silver-white thread
Beneath the night’s charcoal mast

By the time you read this
We all will have stepped
One day closer to eternity
Even now ever surely
A moment has crept
From present to history

By the time you read this
You and I will have slept
Closely or oceans apart
Moments move on
Without thought or respect
But you, love, remain in my heart



  1. The title of this one caught my eye... it's so easy to let moments just waste away (especially sitting in front of a computer screen!)... I have to remind myself of this daily! You always paint such a beautiful picture... and, I especially love when you write about the night in to morning...

    I'm glad you liked my post about the gift baskets ~ and yes, you made me very hungry when I read what you had for supper ~ unfortunately, I was reading your comment in the early morning hours after I got home from work! ;)

    Have you been busy getting ready for Christmas? I think we're supposed to get our first snowfall tonight :) Happy that I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow!

    Blessings, and ~ good night :)

  2. Awaiting for someone! Mesmerizing, your words and the pic too.

  3. Megan, thank-you for your thoughts, Yes, I am trying not to panic as Christmas will be upon us before I know what has happened. We put up the tree the other night. We have a light dusting of snow this morning, but nothing as serious as I thought we might get. I hope you get to sleep in on your after work mornings. It changes with a school-girl, doesn't it?

    ...and yes, those moments. So subtle, these little invaluable breaths we take as moments become a life.

  4. Beyond Horizons, thank-you. There is something about those wee morning hours...we think of things we cannot stop to think about in the rush of life.

    I appreciate your visit and your thoughts.


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