Friday, November 4, 2011

My Random Observations of the Day

Lips accustomed to spewing sarcasm and criticism

Do not turn butter-soft when kissed

Life splashes us with sudden unexpected beauties

Rosy autumn apples reflecting in the cheeks of a child

Heaven opened its window and released to the earth

Ten-thousand golden angels shaped like leaves

When you came home today with arms over-flowing with awards

I did not love you any less, or any more

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder

As I behold you walking toward me beauty has outdone himself today

Cyber-space is crowded with the lonely looking for love

And she wonders why he will not come to bed

Do not darken my doorway if you are seeking perfection

But if you are simply looking for a cup of coffee or home, come on in


The other morning we all stood amazed, not at one, but two crosses in the sunrise.


  1. What a beautiful photograph! Thank you Janet for sharing about the uniqueness of life seen in everyday occurrences. August

  2. Thank=you August, for visiting and for your words.

  3. Oh, wow! And I don't mean just the photo. There are some very profound thoughts here . . . and oddly, each is the best.

  4. Thank-you Mike. It's weird how thought strikes suddenly and yet in slow motion...


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