Thursday, April 9, 2015

Work of Art

When my cousin Robb was 17 his love for art and metal inspired him to 'set up shop' in the corner of a shed on my Uncle Oscar's farm. Now twenty-some years later he works at/owns Thak Ironworks, a business that requires extremely hard work, yet provides an outlet for his talent/passion! His work has been sold it high-end armor, railings, gates, range-hoods and other numerous works of art. Below are a few shots of some of his work. Visit his site for more info and pictures.

Time is a sequence of moments 
From life's kind Giver they pour
and what we do with them will be 
what we are remembered for...

Workmanship is something
That shapes our legacy
We would do well to remember this
In whatever that work may be

So forge from the fire of moments
Love's best with hand and heart
For then the end result will be
A beautiful work of art


Robb, thank-you again for the impromtu interview.

If you are passing through Floradale, Ontario, check it out!

PAD Challenge day 9; write a work poem


  1. Beautiful artwork! My son couldn't believe the crucifix was made out of metal. Amazing. Always so inspiring to see people who've found their path, love what they do.

    "...forge from the fire of moments
    Love's best with hand and heart..."

    - wonderful, Janet.

    1. thank-you Sasha. he is super-talented and the picture does not do it justice but it shares a glimpse! He is blessed with being able to make a living out of his art and I'm so happy for him!

  2. A very talented family of artists! Gorgeous work by Robb, and the perfect poem to complement it!


  3. Very interesting indeed. What stunning work he does.
    Great idea to feature this fascinating art so close to home.

    1. thank-you:) we chatted a bit about how there is an art-loving vein in our 'freund-schaft':)

  4. Incredible metal-work. You must be very proud of him.


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