Thursday, April 23, 2015

Timeless Art

PAD Challenge day 23: (already?!)For today’s prompt, write a historic poem. 

Yesterday, Earth Day, Victoria(for new readers,she is our youngest daughter, 14) remembered that two years ago on that day she had no school and we went to choose Emily's(our oldest daughter, almost 23) wedding gown...history is that thing that happens while we're busy living/loving.

Floating in white satin 
and dreams
of 'happily ever after' 
I watched you 
whirling, twirling,
as reams 
of silk laughter
wrapped round and round
my heart
where, bravely
clinging to
the ground beneath my feet 
I stood
wearing the hallmark of years
while you sparkled 
through tears
in glass slippers 
and sweet
timeless art


Janet Martin



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