Thursday, April 23, 2015

Something 'bout The Morning

There is something ‘bout the morning that inspires hope anew
When far and foreign hills appear in night’s receding hue
Where Yonder is a word that wears a fresh, unfaded gown
And wonder is a hurt that flirts twixt Knowing and Unknown

There is something ‘bout the morning that highlight’s Time’s bit by bit
And makes us dearly stagger at the weightless weight of it
For bit by bit becomes the Whole and what we do and say
In bit by bit allotments shapes far more than Yesterday

There is something ‘bout the morning; like a greeting card from God
As our eyes turn heavenward and our feet to sod
And we return, yet never quite, to what dusk-shadows stilled
Of missions not accomplished yet and vision unfulfilled

Futile to try to reconcile the ‘why’ that will not stop
‘Why some drink sorrow’s ocean and others taste but a drop’
Why some have everything and others nothing, so it seems
Futile to reconcile with eyes what faith-hope-trust esteems

There is something ‘bout the morning that replenishes the cup
Where twilight drained its remnant yet by daylight is filled up
Where stumble-fumbles testify at night on our behalf
Still, something ‘bout the morning rouses us to live, love, laugh

© Janet Martin

Good morning! Is it a good-white-April-morning where you are?
Victoria said it feels like her first day back to school after Christmas holidays;-)

As long as my main writing time is in the morning I imagine there will be Morning Poems because there's something 'bout morning that awes, A New every time!

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

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