Thursday, April 2, 2015

Secret Keepers

PAD Challenge Day 2: For today’s prompt, write a secret poem.

Paint Tins;
they don't say much
just sit there waiting
for tint and brush
and a world of creating

quiet creatures, they are
and quite ordinary-looking
waiting to be supper-stars
with blending, baking, cooking


the face of a seed does not draw
but oh, not so after we plant and wait...
for God's creation


he only tells what we permit
and spells what we allow
and what remains the rest of it
no one will ever know

This is a lovely day to discover
and uncover
what might otherwise remain
a secret

Happy April 2nd!



  1. Yes, you did it!! Chalk paint also? Did you antique it? can't tell on the pic...but I love it!!
    am painting a wee something right now too.

    1. i like it too, and no, i have not antiqued it yet...see what i decide n a few days but i sort of like it like this. thank-you for repeating 'red, I see it in red':)

    2. ...if you click on any image then right-click to 'view image' you can get a close-up view:)

  2. What a smashing sideboard redo!
    And love the day-to-day tableaus interspersed with verse.
    Especially like the staged harvest trugs - creates a celebration out of what could just be work.
    Thank for sharing!

    1. thank-you...It always astonishes me what a little paint can do:) I was so apprehensive about the color red but I love it too! The palette in my home is mostly earth-tones and I think it needed a kick of red!

      ...the veggie pics make me eager to get dirt beneath my nails again...its been a cold while since those shots were taken. We're still struggling to stay above freezing here.


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