Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Love will ever be the conqueror; never hate. Oh, if Hate could only see the Gate that opens as time's door closes...praying for suffering, sorrowing, fleeing survivors! God is faithful.

Star-sugared awning fades in the new dawning
Of who-knows-what-waits to-fill-it, but God
Mercy immerses where darkness disperses
In virgin Morning adorning sky-sod

Gold, pink and purple halos earth’s dust-circle
Waiting to suffer what only God knows
Still He is faithful in spite of sin’s awful

Trails in the Heaven’s and wails in our tears
Into His keeping time’s hours are weeping
Morning soft-crowning what soon disappears

© Janet Martin

Praying for those poor, homeless, sorrowing survivors here
Praying for my neighbor Arnold and his family in his on going health-battle. (will you pray too?)
Praying for believers that we can remain faithful to the end, no matter where in the world we are!

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