Monday, April 20, 2015

Lonely April Wind

 For a brief bit the sun high-lighted 'almost evening' before clouds scuttled over its attempts at warmth

The latticework of limb lies on day’s welkin winnowing
The air assumes the color of good-bye in every sigh
The back-drop of a rainy April ‘almost evening’
Tugs hard upon the heart-string like an echoed lullaby
Silence runs fingers over thought like Want without a name
Darkness is more than light’s denial where the daylight fell
Longing is not a person; no one can quite quell its flame
And rain in middle April after dusk ignites its swell

The wind moans, blue and hungry like a beggar at my door
A wail akin to November when it was hungry too
The fellowship of night-farers and sleepless troubadours
Vexes the face that watches from yon windows swaddled view

The lamplighter that wanders out among the stars is late
The dark enhanced by absent spark in heaven’s emptiness
The April night is weeping for a friendlier soul-mate
But all that it can find is the wind and its loneliness

© Janet Martin


  1. This reminds me of a Hindi Song from a bollywood movie .......the song goes." aerii pawan dhundey kisey tera mann chaltey chaltey......."

    It means, " Oh! wind, for whom are you looking while just moving ahead!

    1. ...and that is exactly like it sounded last night...'just moving ahead', lonesome-like. I'm sure if its like any other 'mother-language' it is all the more meaningful in its own tongue, right?


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