Monday, April 6, 2015

I Am An Artist and Home Is My Canvas...

That day when you spilled coffee-artwork, I scolded, then folded your blue, sorrow-eyes to my kiss

says Anne  at White Lace Cottage

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This canvas wears lessons of life; summer-winter
Morning-noon-night, fear-delight, hold-let go
Of laughter and loving and learning together
Capturing colors of home-sweet-sweet-home

Time’s touch-savor-treasure tints mute moment-measure
Honey, the money-jar is dry again
But we’re painting pictures that hang on Forever
Highlights of sunbeam and low-lights of rain
That day when you spilled coffee-artwork, I scolded
Then folded your blue, sorrow-eyes to my kiss
…forgiven innocence creating new colors
Merchants can never sell murals like this

Home; paint-chipped, life-scarred and hard soft-lipped farewells
Forces fresh tincture, tear-silver, heart-blue
Onto a bold brush flushed with humble betrayals
Of tick and tock and what we thought we knew

A Trial-and-error portrait from  life’s messes
Masterpieces no critic would approve
I wouldn’t trade it for anything, love

© Janet Martin

What will we paint today?


  1. So lovely...that is why I have always maintained everyone is an artist...
    WE all get a life and can choose how we beautify it...

  2. On that day when grandson was goofing around with his little sister at the dinner table and knocked over his milk...I wish, now, that I would have paused a moment and said: "Oh, look how pretty the milk looks puddling on the table and dripping through the cracks onto the floor..." before rushing for the washcloth and paper towels. Next time...there is always a next time with children, isn't there?

    Thank you for the new perspective.


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