Monday, April 13, 2015

Embrace all of us

Congratulations to Jordan Spieth, enjoying some gold green-jacket moments:)

Embrace it; 
the offspring of trying
and never giving up
Savor full the flavor of
The victor's cup

Embrace it;
life's joy and sorrow
finely interlace
and who knows what tomorrow holds
to take its place

So, embrace it;
this very moment
flowing Whence to Thence
is shaping and bestowing



  1. Good poem, Janet. I especially like the line "Savor full the flavor of the victor's cup." Nice use of metaphor and it rolls off the tongue.

    1. thank-you so much.

      If you followed the link to Jordan's name you will see why so many were rooting for this guy to get a chance to savor the victor's cup.
      On Saturday when he had a few shots that were not a cooperative as he hoped he modeled class and composure in spite of intense pressure!!

      I hope we all savor our victor's-cup moments leading to life's finish line and the last Victor's Cup.


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