Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cheery, Deary Daffodil

 They are beginning to bloom at last. 
I've been keeping my eye on a fence-line where someone planted these beaming beauties for no other reason but for others to enjoy! And we do. 
Thank-you, thoughtful gardener:)

Cheery, deary daffodil
Splashing laughter to the rill
Let your gleaming cauldron spill
Where we waited long
Through the bold and bitter cold
Through snow-white on buried gold
Through the blue of getting old
For your beaming throng

Sunny, honey-happy bloom
Spring is such a lovely room
As you lavish winter’s tomb
With your filigree
Yellow fellow rollicking
Where zephyr is frolicking
And the pauper is a king
Here among your spree

Pretty, flirty flower-bell
Bobbing in the wooded dell
Grinning, giddy like a girl
With a brand-new dress
Jolly, jaunty petal-frill
How we love you, daffodil
As you wander up the hill
Spilling happiness

© Janet Martin

Have you seen Monica's gorgeous photos of thousands of daffodils?


  1. You have waited a long time, haven't you? After the crocus in March we have the daffodils blooming in succession and I feel as if a florist has visited me each morning.

    Here in the country where we live they grow in abundance in farm yards and even near dilapidated deserted tumbledown barns.

    I can hear your delight with them in your poem!

    1. Thank-you. I am delighted because they are sort of like the kick-off to our daily florist visits:)

      I suppose they do bloom where ever the bulbs get carried or dumped. I find something about the blooms around deserted homesteads lovely and lonely at the same time!


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