Saturday, April 11, 2015

April Is...

PAD Challenge day 11: For today’s prompt, write a seasonal poem.

April is a stage with curtain drawn
While our expectation
Spawns visions of velvet lawn
And picnic celebration

April is a maiden with much to do
While she shakes her apron
Ten-thousand-thousand miracles
Startle earth from heaven

The waiting before the have-and-hold
Keens our appreciation
And suddenly each moment is
A most sacred creation

For April is a dowdy harbinger
Yet, a favorite of ours
Because she scrubs earth’s floors before
May fills the world with flowers

© Janet Martin


  1. Perhaps my favorite one yet!

  2. Beautiful, Janet ... you capture the awakenings and our awaiting of the spring in a lovely way1

    1. thank-you Nina. Hope you are enjoying a blessed week-end!

  3. Yes, that's it. That is how April feels living here in the Midwest. Thank you for putting it into words.

    My sisters, who live in the Pacific Northwest, have been sending me photos of themselves standing in acres of blooming tulips. I constrain my envy and console myself with the eight daffodils trumpeting hope in the back garden.

    1. ;-) but I bet those eight daffodils get more attention than some of those tulips!! we're still waiting for daffodils here.


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