Wednesday, April 8, 2015

All Day The Color Gray Rained down...

 Farewell Gray Day...
and Goodnight

All day the color gray rained down
And drenched earth’s ragged dressing-gown
Then dusk, like an umbrella spread
Its deeper hue above each head
Where twilight is an ill, chill sea
And firelight, kind company

The wind, a friendless vagabond
Wails at each window and beyond
The treeline where the field is bare
Save for the rivers running where
All day the color gray rained down
Like tears from Old Man Winter’s frown

Before the morning draws ashore
Perhaps his tears will cease to pour
And he with his last farewell spent
Will climb into his bed, content
…strange comfort this, to listen to
Dear Old Man Winter weep adieu

© Janet Martin


  1. Lovely personification of old winter, but he will again be reborn in next season....cycle of life and birth goes on............

  2. What a lovely end of winter poem, Janet.

    1. thank-you Sara:) It's drench-day #2 today! but April showers bring May flowers!!


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