Monday, April 6, 2015

Above the Masquerade of Marketplaces

...because it takes the way of moments, I never worry too much about April snow; soon it melts away

PAD Challenge Day 6:For today’s prompt, write a things-not-as-they-appear poem.

In this marketplace of moments
Coin of It is swiftly spent
While dusk unfolds and folds its tent
Above dust-patient streets
Where suspense of morning lingers
In a midnight full of stars
Ere Mercy tips its blood-bought jars
And one more farthing metes
…to noise, as Want and Need soon fills
Faces familiar, old new
-comers to daybreak's avenue
Of sun and sky and sod
-employment; hence we haggle with
The price of beans and cabbage
In this Marketplace of baggage
Cupped in the hands of God

...where He and He alone is Giver
Of this Thing we ever take
Of holding-folding dusk-daybreak
Its Marketplace, a firth
Of moments pouring, in-from-to
His grace we cannot sever
From the fabric of Forever
Wafting o’er Time’s drop of earth

© Janet Martin

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