Monday, November 21, 2011

Whenever I try to comprehend...

Whenever I try to comprehend His amazing grace
And how, on Calvary He took my place
Tears of gratitude stream down my face

Whenever I try to comprehend His unending love
And how it flows freely in streams from above
I am assured that it will be enough

Whenever I try to comprehend eternity
Knowing that such is His love for me
I am struck dumb…how can it be?



  1. Hi Janet! May God bless you for this writeup on the Cross. I need a favor from you, I am Alvin from India, can I use the above cross picture for my own faith formation, if you could allow me to use I would take a print out of it and use it during my time of worship. Hope its fyn with you? Waiting for your reply

    God Bless you
    Have a lovely year ahead

  2. Alvin,

    Thank-you for your visit and words. I do not own the rights to this picture, but am, only now unsure of all the laws regarding prints from google. I was told originally if there is no specific copy-right attached and I am not profiting from it there is no law against using them A reader told me the other day that she thinks there are still copy-rights in place automatically.

    Do you know? I know there are 100's of people who come to this blog daily for images...and seldom in years have I been asked permission before they use them so I admit I am confused.


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