Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tribute to my Grandma

Ninety-two years was not long enough
For me to learn to appreciate
The simplicity of your wisdom and love
But now, many years too late
Suddenly, graciously I find
The whisper of your wisdom
Echo in my mind
And when the tick of the clock grows heavy
And the daylight has long grown dim
I can still hear the creak of your rocking chair
As you hummed an old German hymn
With the mending basket for others
Always within your reach
As you helped out busy mothers
With stitches that somehow still teach
For when I think I am too tired
To move another step
I think of you, my dear Grandma
Never too tired to help
And all that I can hope for
As my feet climb this ladder of years
Is that someday someone will think of me
With a smile shining through their tears


Today's Prompt: A tribute poem


  1. A fitting tribute. I believe there is someone like this in every life. They are the first to come to mind whenever blessings are counted.


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