Monday, November 21, 2011

Today's Bargain...

Gray skies a dollar
Sunset, make it four
Bare tree is a bargain
Green tree costs you more
Snow for a nickel
And rain for a dime
Sun for a quarter
Ten dollars for time
The breeze is a bargain
At just fifty cents
The dew in the morning
Will cost you six-pence
A hug must be earned
And don’t you forget
A smile not returned
Will put you in debt
Summer is not
A vacation, you know
I’ll charge by the hour
Or exchange it for snow
The song of the bird
Of the sea or life’s dance
Can only be heard
If you pay in advance
For the time that I gave you
The orange and the red,
The crimson and purple
And the gold as it bled
From each meadow and hillside
In autumn’s grand crown
I charge you a year’s worth
Of all that you own
The flowers in the garden
Or along the old fence
You cannot afford
With your dollars and cents
The sun-rise, the chatter
Of wee boys and girls
Are yours for the price
Of ten diamonds and pearls
The stars and the moon
Are a rare luxury
Sold for the tune
Of two years salary...

…Oh God, you must love us infinitely
For you shower Your wonder upon us for free!


Thank-you God...

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