Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This or That?

To Sleep or Write

I should sleep tonight

Draw the blankets up beneath my chin

And close my eyes

But then I cannot write

There is a restless stirring deep within

Sleep is for the wise

To Work or Shirk

Duty is a tireless employer

Reluctant to ease its stance

Its reins too taut for wandering

Or pausing to whirl and dance

The wind tugs my hand from its toiling

And lures me with its rebel-dare

Will anyone notice my absence

As I chase a dream through the air?

To Lust or Love

I trace your body with a hungry gaze

You wink; the spark ignites to a blaze

But lust is a devil in an angel’s disguise

The attraction is gone when the fire dies

Love is constant; not something we do

Its garb is quite humble, but it is true

Love is patient, honest and kind

It satisfies both body and mind

To Persevere or Quit

I want to quit

My Muse is gone

But the one who wins

Is the one who keeps on…

To Dance or Die

To stop hurting or reaching

Or working or teaching

Or learning or giving

Is to stop living

To stop dancing

Is to die

Janet Martin


  1. I liked your takes on these. Keep at it - adding you to my list of "reads".

    You're good - Moskowitz


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