Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankfulness to Him

Walking tonight
Alone in
November’s fading eye
Beneath the scarlet-purple
God has spread against the sky
I sense the transient fabric
Of the twilight closing in
And I’m over-come with thankfulness
To Him

From east to west
The minutes
Stretch; another closing time
Is marked upon an unseen chart
In history’s gated clime
And as the shadows of our folly
And the day are growing dim
I lift my heart in thankfulness
To Him

A smile, a hug
A pat, a shrug
A handshake as we part
A bitty tear within the eye
An aching in the heart
Hello, good-bye, we laugh, we cry
Love is a splendid thing
And so I bow my head tonight
In thankfulness
To Him


I grabbed my camera as I headed to the arena,
once again the day laid out its grandest farewell robes...
I paused to reflect.


  1. Beautiful Janet! I love the your words and the gorgeous vote! The image you painted was majestic and serene! I'm thankful, too! I'm happy I know you! :D

  2. A beautiful photo...we should bow our heads in gratitude to Him...a very moving piece


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