Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I hear the rain fall softly on the morn where once we lay
It rouses up the scent of dust; of corn and fresh-mown hay
And how the twilight comes too soon with misty lullabies
Drawing its body o’er the moon with dark and down-cast eyes

How much it seems like you are here; and oh how we would dance
Into your arms I fall, my dear and melt into your glance
As you, with lips against my hair, our heart-beats intertwine
We toss misgivings to the air; drunk on love’s fuller wine

Hold me closer, darling; take me out into the rain
If I must leave by morning, I will not have loved in vain
Truth and fact loom broad and bold against the thinning dark
And I begin to feel the cold in midnight’s waning spark

I hear the rain fall softly on the morn where once we lay
Its notes a tender love song washing fallow, dull and gray
And how it seems that you are here, somewhere in the same rain
I hold you closer to me, dear, I have not loved in vain

Time’s wink may swallow up the hour and present soon is done
With you I dance upon the flower; and fly into the sun
Tilt back your head my darling, drink the nectar from the sky
We’ll always love each other and we’ll never say good-bye

The raindrop skims the rooftops and the field where we would dance
It sparkles on my memory and quivers in my glance
The silver tears of midnight weep upon earth’s polished floor
I hear the distant billows sweep a cold and empty shore

If life’s a dance, my darling, then the rain must be its song
Before the night is morning someone else’s love is gone
I’ll hold you closer to me, kiss the teardrop in your eye
Somewhere the sun is shining and we’ll never say good-bye

Janet Martin


  1. This is beautiful, Janet. Writing a good love poem has to be one of the more difficult things to write, but by the time I reached the last stanza, I teared a little. I do indeed feel the story and the poem does not need the music [as nice as the music is!]. It's a poem I want to reread.


  2. Margo, I appreciate your kindness. I'm tempted to try all four songs you listed.We shall see. 'Time' is the ever-frustrating foe:)

  3. Blend of the beauty of nature and love can be felt while reading this wonderful poem. :)

  4. Thank-you BH. I'm glad to know that you could feel it too:)

  5. Oh my. Janet, lend me your ears. I need to hear music the way you do. What a beautiful response to a musical prompt.

  6. Thank-you Mike, like you, I think music forms half or two-thirds of my brain. There is nothing like poetry and music to sweep the heart to the 'out-of-this-world'! Sigh...if I had to choose music or poetry, I would choose music for in lies poetry unscripted:)

  7. I meant to say 'for in IT lies poetry unscripted'...a reminder to proof-read.

  8. Janet, this is quite beautiful. Nice response to the prompt.



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