Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prelude to Proof (Sunday Wordle)

Leftover sunshine quivers
Like soft strains of a violin
Subliminal master-piece hovers
On night’s mellow hastening
Upon earth’s ruddy fulcrum
The untidy moments of day
In a rustle of smug defiance
Shudder; before spinning away
I turn, in this rush of blue quiet
Tonight I am willing to prove
Darling, I am not gullible
But oh, I am in love



  1. Janet, thx for visiting my blog. I must say, BRAVA for working this wordle. I looked over the words and simply gave up! (Never afraid to admit my limitations...)

    I love the phrase, "Upon earth's ruddy fulcrum." Really creative use of what I thought was an impossibly complicated group of words. Nice! Amy

  2. Amy,
    To someone who's writing leaves me speechless!!... I say sincerely,

  3. You've written a truly beautiful love poem using this week's very difficult set of words. "In this rush of blue quiet" is a gorgeous image.

  4. Marianne, Thank-you so much for your visit and kind words. They are challenging this week. Tonight I hope to be able to see what images and words others drew from this set.

  5. Janet this is really beautiful!

    I love what you did with the wordle words. :-)

  6. Very nice, Janet. Creating a love poem from some tough words. Thanks for the comment on my blog:)


  7. Love always trumps untidy moments. Lovely, Janet.

  8. Thank-you Mike, I notice poetry in your corner. Does this mean the novel is written?

  9. lovely poem and good for you for putting each word on a line, not so easy to master


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