Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Prayer for Life

Take my hand, dear Lord, I pray

You will never lead astray

In life’s pathways there are two

Let my footsteps follow You

Kindly Shepherd of us all

Hold me so I will not fall

Let my thought and action prove

The indwelling of Your love

Teach my lips to sing Your praise

Through the battle and the blaze

Satisfy my spirit Lord

As I feed upon Your word

Be my glory and my boast

Be the wisdom I crave most

Fix my earth-dimmed gaze to trust

In true Hope beyond this dust

Lift me up when I am weak

Temper every word I speak

Savior, Father, Jesus, Friend

Keep me ‘til my journey’s end



  1. Truly beautiful prayer, Janet.

  2. Thank-you Mary, For some reason when I woke this morning life looked a little bleak. As I prayed it began to brighten, and something prompted me to type as I prayed and this is what came of it. Isn't it great to know God loves and cares for each of us so very tenderly.


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