Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out-pouring of Perfection

He could have sent a prophet
A servant, meek and low
To bear the curse of evil
And hatreds cruel blow
He could have sent a king of earth
A pauper or a priest
He had the power to place His worth
Within a mindless beast
He could have sent His angels
Legions to fill the sky
To spare Himself the anguish
Of watching His Son die
He could have, with one uttered word
Declared all man forgiven
He could have, from His visage stirred
The rocks to shout salvation
But He chose to put on flesh
The Sacred Son of Heaven
Became a servant unto men
In form, lowly and human
Upon a cross He gave Himself
A King and Royal Priest
And not one drop of love withheld
As death’s curse was released
He could have sent an army
To face the fiends of hell
But He loved us so completely
That He sent Himself


~The more we love others, the more of ourselves we give.

Inspired by Isa. 53 and Phil. 4


  1. Noble sentiment. Well-written verse, thanks Mosk

  2. Thank-you Mosk. the poem-a-day prompt was love or anti-love...I chose love and I cannot think of a greater love then this~ I appreciate your thoughts.


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