Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Druthers...(a re-post for Thurs. think-tank)

I’druther you were painfully honest with me
And my feelings would sting for a while
Than to walk with you down a fern-lined street
As you lie to me through your smile
I’druther be a little homely
Than a cheap and painted fraud
Who wears a mask to fool people
Forgetting I can never fool God
I’ruther be poor and happy
Learning to be content
Than rich with a pocket of fool’s gold
That brings no joy when it’s spent
I’druther have one friend who is honest
Than a hundred which seem to lack
The ability to be faithful
As they stab me in the back
I’druther have a house full of laughter
With furniture battered and scarred
Than live in a palace that’s silent
With every façade unmarred
I’druther have my arms full of children
Than trophies and accolades
And I like a ten-minute vacation
Beneath the willow’s shade
I’druther drive my ugly mini-van
With a happy family
Than be alone with a perfect tan
In a red Lamborghini
I’druther have a little trouble
Here on my acre of sod
Than live in a perfect bubble
Where I would never need God



  1. I like your are wise.

  2. I loved reading this and I share your druthers!

  3. Janet, glad you liked that post....I'm chatting with another blogger right now about possibly organizing a bloggers' "meet and greet" somewhere next year. And she is suggesting Texas! Will try to get some input from others to see if there's interest in doing something like that....

  4. Beautiful expressed...I share your sentiments too with arms full of children and needing God. Lovely write ~

  5. Raining Iguanas...that's what I want to see;)

  6. I like the fresh view of your poem!

  7. D'ruther. That little bit of slang added personality to your poem.

  8. Flowing wisdom. A very nice piece (peace).

  9. Wise words, Janet! We all have to appreciate what we have and who we are...and yes, God above all.

  10. Yes, Mary, God above all...why are these words easily spoken yet harder to apply?

    I wish you a day of happiness.


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