Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Dearest Love...

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This is another attempt at Margo's prompt a week ago, combined with this weeks prompt:

(It is Goya writing the letter)

My Dearest Love,

There’s so much your eyes don’t tell me
I guess that it has been too long
Since I’ve held you close or you held me
As we danced to our song
The pear tree in the orchard
You know, the old gnarly one
Where I first leaned to kiss you
It died last year; they’ve cut it down
I’m staring at your picture
Though I know each line by heart
You are such a lovely creature
God’s out-standing work of art
And tonight I miss you deeply
Maybe it’s the freezing rain
On this cold November evening
That intensifies my pain
But I wish that I could see you
And the past would melt away
And I could start all over
In an unmarred yesterday
But I hear that you are happy
And I will not interfere
Though I fear I’ll ruin your picture
By the kisses of my tears
Darling, if I could I’d tell you
All the things I should have said
Before lonely got the best of you
And drove you from our bed
Outside the wind is rising
I can feel its tempest seep
Into the words I’m writing
And the memories I keep
And oh, I will not ask you
If you’d love me once again
But just that you’d forgive me
I can learn to live in vain
Time is a river flowing
To a broad and ethereal sea
And such will be my mourning
Into vast eternity
For it seems I cannot leave you
Though you’ve taken every trace
Every stitch of your belongings
But the vision of your face
As you’d wait inside the window
With a kiss I chose to spurn
Now it has become my hunger
And the draught for which I yearn
Darling, the fire is dying
And the dark is creeping in
And so soon I will be lying
Where our passion once had been
Before I chose to leave you
For the wolf outside our door
And I did not believe you
When you said you needed more
That you needed love not money
To make our house a home
Oh, I sure do miss you, honey
It’s so quiet here alone
‘If I could do things over’
I’ve said this a thousand times
But you’re still as gone as ever
And the heartless hour chimes
To remind me of the lengthening
Of heartaches misery
And the hollowness of living
When the life is gone from me
Darling, I’m going to close now
The candlelight has died
Darling, I still love you
Goodnight, my love, good-night

Forever Yours


  1. Beautiful beyond description--music and poem.

  2. My comment wasn't posted! Argghhh! I posted from my phone as I have been computerless for the last few days and just now saw that no comment appears. Arrrggghhh, again!

    Okay. I love the poem. When, as I read, I look up at the painting into Goya's eyes, I see what you write. This is how he feels.



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