Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Best Words

I cannot say them,
My four best words
Until you have spoken three
I cannot say them
Until I have heard
Those three best words spoken to me
Then, my heart over-flows and I say them to you
As I hold you close; 'I love you too'

Janet Martin

I always tell my kids I love them as I kiss them good-night
(well, the younger two:) the older girls, it seems are never home at bed-time;))
they return the words but many times as they hear me going down the stairs they will
say one last time "I love you' and over and over
I am thrilled and humbled anew to be able to say these four best words 'I love you too'


  1. How lovely to hear those words...I finally was able to get on your blog. I can't stop reading what you have written. I think my Sunday afternoon will be full of you and your marvelous mind:)

  2. Thank-you, yes the are a bliss to hear.

    Rosemary, I hope your computer stays well:)

    Thank-you Mosk


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