Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mom's Suspicious Mind

If you whistle
When you never whistle
Or amble nonchalantly
Across the floor
With a furtive second-glance
Over your shoulder
Or a tip-toeing exit
Out the back door
I get suspicious…
If you over-agree
When I give you advice
And tell me I’m beautiful
And everything nice
If you whisper and giggle
Until I poke in my head
Then you turn to your home-work
Like nothing was said
I get suspicious…
If I ask where you were
And what you were doing
To bring you home
At quarter-past three
And all you can say is
‘Honestly, nothing’
I hear an echo
In my memory
…and I get suspicious

Janet Martin

Today's prompt; Suspicious mind


  1. Dear JanetRuth....terrific poem .... Wonderful site... Welcome to PA :)

  2. Thank-you Pearl,

    This is way too much fun. You are a poem machine!

    I want to thank some readers who really encouraged me to enter PAD.


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