Monday, November 7, 2011

The Impatience of Time

Time and Death wait for no man

Time is that thing we measure life by

In death there is no Time…

Simply eternity

Time multiplied infinitely

Cannot begin to fathom


Time gives you to me

And steals you away

Time is the hour

Of duty and play

But Death is waiting

At every man's door

Where there will be

No Time anymore...

Time is one tittle

And one Tiny jot

Time is one little

Intangible dot

A speck of blue

In infinite space

What would we do

Were it not for Grace?

Grace waits for everyone

But only 'til death

Our destiny sealed

In life's final breath

Death is not dark

In the light of God's love

Time is a spark

That death will snuff


1 comment:

  1. Yes, death waits at everyone's door. I read a poem once by a poet whose name I cannot right now remember that each year we pass an anniversary without knowing it...that being the anniversary of our death. I have never forgotten that thought.


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