Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Old Days...

Yesterday, when you were mine
And all the world was ours
When dreams, like grapes upon a vine
And hope like budding flowers
Adorned the humble lintel
Like soft unspoken prayers
And words were kind and gentle
As we bore each others cares
Yesterday, before we blamed
Each other for our grief
Before our hearts, sad and ashamed
Revealed our unbelief
Before the leaves of summer’s trees
Lay heavy on the grass
And harbored tears stretched into years
Within an hour-glass
Yesterday, before the truth
Revealed itself in history
And all the untried dreams of youth
Were life’s most pleasant mystery
Yesterday, before the morrows
Fell away into the past
To a field of chosen sorrows
In a silence, iron-cast


Today's Prompt: Good, old days...


  1. Allo, a shower of blessings & well wishes to you & yours. This is such an incredible web page, I love so much the words & pictures. This one however has a special magic....and so I comment, how very wonderful your gift from God. Au-revoir

  2. Victor, I thank you for visiting and for your kind encouragement.

    God Bless~

  3. This has the sweetness and bitter (sad) to it.


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