Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cold Gold

The night inhales the billows

That glowered through the day

Tonight they brush earth’s pillow

In whispers silver-gray

But for a little moment

Twixt the daylight and the eve

They parted low-flung shutters

To release a gold-flecked sea

The dull, gray emptiness transformed

As dazzling butterflies

Fell, in a glorious sudden storm

From heaven’s golden eyes


Yes, those were 'snow mountains' in the sky this morning...

(see earlier post, The Dawning)

for a few brief moments the sun broke through and the snow passed through a bar of light

in a rush of gold...


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Nothing is ever as beautiful as mother nature at her finest, is it.

  2. I agree. Not only is God the perfect poet (Browning). He is also the the perfect artist!

  3. Janet ~ your photos are breathtaking!

    Friday morning as I waited with my daughter for the bus, we had fun watching our breath and looking at all the frosty autumn leaves... We still haven't had any snow, but I'm sure we'll have a little before too long...

  4. The snow is gone again, but always threatening...I just happened to glance out the back door and saw a golden flurry. It was breath-taking. Pictures never capture the full reality, but it gives us a little glimpse.

    Enjoy your week-end.


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