Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cause for Celebration

It should be Christmas morning
The excitement would compare
All the shrieking, giggling, laughing
Clapping, cheering fills the air
But it is still November
What could bring on this display
Of celebration? Ah, yes, buses cancelled
There will be no school today


Yes, the freezing rain has gifted us with our first official ‘snow-day’ of the season.


  1. Stunning photos, and what a beautiful blog you have!

  2. Thank-you Marie Elena. The sun is shining now. We are living in a crystal world for a few minutes before it melts...

  3. Just gorgeous. Enjoy your beautiful day.

  4. Thank-you. We are enjoying this day. The 'holiday spirit' drifts over the border to the Great White North and we are listening to Christmas music and my 10 yr. old begged me to make some 'Christmas shape' cookies, so that's what we are doing.


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